Fortnite patch v5.40 went live on Thursday, September 6, and data miners have begun to tear through the files of the update, looking for any new information.

Among the files, a Spike Arena Grenade has been discovered, and it sounds like a terrifying prospect for those who get caught up in it.

The Spike Arena appears to be an Epic Grenade item which acts similar to the Port-a-Fort, spawning a Bounce Pad and Spike Trap area.

Throw this to create your very own Bounce & Spike Trap arena!

What do you think the purpose of this Item is, does it seem to be more of a fun item rather than useful?

Perhaps we’ll see the introduction of Playground-specific Items to add more variety to the Mode.

You can view more information on what was included in the update by viewing the PATCH NOTES, or if you want more leaked information, check out these LEAKED COSMETICS.