Update March 18: Exclusive skins are confirmed to be coming for Founders, though there’s no official date yet.

Update March 8: Word from Epic themselves!

Included in our leaked cosmetics from v3.2.0 post earlier today were two new outfits (with matching back bling) labelled as ‘Founder’ in the game files:

These outfits, also appearing in Save the World, are likely intended to be released for people who have purchased the PvE version of the game.

Upon purchasing the game, you receive an email stating that you have unlocked the Founder’s Glider and Founder’s Umbrella (pictured below) in Battle Royale with a promise that these are “the first of many rewards you can expect as a Fortnite founder”.

The new items will fall under the ‘Legendary‘ rarity according to Storm Shield One’s cosmetic database which seems absurdly high given their looks. This is a good indication, along with the file names, that the skins will be free for Founders.

Here are the outfits and their respective back bling:

Rose Team Leader & Warpaint outfits

Skirmish & Pursuit back bling