A new item has appeared within the files of Fortnite called the ‘Shadow Bomb.’ The leaks came right after the release of the v8.30 update on April 10th.

New items, weapons, and features arrive in Fortnite at a blistering speed. The Reboot Vans were just released in v8.30 and will likely change the very fabric of Fortnite’s gameplay.

You know what that means, it’s time to start talking about the next thing coming to Fortnite. The newest item leak seems to be some sort of throwback to the days of Shadow Stones…at least according to its name.

Shadow Bomb Info & Audio

Data miners get to work the millisecond the patching for Fortnite is complete and v8.30 has been no different.

Data miner and leaker @SkinTrackerCom released new information found in the v8.30 Fortnite files. The files allude to something known as a “Shadow Bomb.”

The Shadow Bomb is referenced in a string regarding Fortnite challenges.

The challenge is highly ordinary. Essentially every weapon/item in Fortnite gets a challenge like this at some point during one of the seasons.

Additionally, the leaker also found the audio file associated with the Shadow Bomb. Now we’re getting into it. The sound file can be described as ominous to say the least.

What could the Shadow Bomb be?

We’re fairly certain that the Shadow Bomb will be an item added (or planned to be added) to the core Fortnite experience.

The challenge leaked above suggests that it will included as part of the one of the remaining weeks of Season 8’s Battle Pass. This means it would need to be added into all core modes.

So, what could this item be? We have a few guesses, but the information is still very sketchy at this point.

The Shadow Bomb could be a new reboot of the old Shadow Stones. These would turns your character and others into the Shadow Form and float around for a period of time.

Shadow Stones of Season 6 – via FortniteWiki

Shadow Bomb suggests damage of some sort, however. The audio file sounds at the beginning a little bit like an explosion with a lingering effect after wards. Perhaps Shadow Bombs are a new type of AoE explosive with damage over time effects, similar to the Stinks.

We can’t really speculate too much more because your guess is just as good as ours. What do you think Epic has planned for us with these Shadow Bombs? Tell us your theories in the comments below.

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