Epic Games has announced via the in-game message of the day on all platforms that a new Item will be coming soon to Fortnite – the Shadow Bomb!

After being previously leaked following the v8.50 patch, the Shadow Bomb has been officially announced with a release date set for the week of April 30th.

The name and description implies that the Shadow Bomb will function similarly to the Shadow Stones which were seen in previous Fortnite seasons, though this is not 100% confirmed at the time of writing.

Into The Shadows

Stealth and utility make for a surprise!

While an official release date has yet to be announced, we know that the v8.50 Content Update is scheduled for the week of April 30th. It is likely that the update will release on Tuesday, April 30th or Wednesday, May 1st.

Thanks to other leaked assets, we know that the Shadow Bomb may be included in the Season 8 Week 10 Challenges.

Audio assets have also been leaked giving players an early idea of how the item may sound.

What are your thoughts on the new Shadow Bomb item? How do you expect it to function? Do you feel that the Shadow Bomb will significantly impact the current meta of Fortnite?

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