The Final Showdown event took place on July 20 where players were able to witness the Pressure Plant robot beat down the Polar Peak monster thanks to a mysterious orb within Loot Lake. Thanks to leaked in-game files, the orb may play a huge role in Fortnite Battle Royale’s tenth season.

Fortnite is hailed one of the most popular games in the world for several reasons including the fact that Epic Games continues to hold in-game seasonal events for players to enjoy. One of Fortnite’s most notorious events was the Marshmello concert in Pleasant Park.

The Final Showdown event began on Saturday, July 20 with the humongous one-eyed monster roaring out of the seas near Lazy Lagoon. It wasn’t long until the robot activated from Pressure Plant and began to fight back.

At one point during the battle, the monster attacked the robot from behind ripping it’s arm off and nearly destroying its power supply. Thanks to a mysterious orb within Loot Lake, the mech was able to use the mythical power to land a massive punch on the Polar Peak beast.

Fans soon began to question the mythical orb and what lasting impact it could have on the Fortnite map.

One of Fortnite’s most respected leakers, FortTory, posted a tweet showing lines of code hinting at a more “active” org.

The tweet shows that the orb will be going through different stages within the next few days.

Loot Lake currently powers Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, and all the slipstreams around the Fortnite map.

It’s possible that the power core could become destabilized, creating a massive blackout. We might also see the return of told towns, like Retail Row or Greasy Grove.

With Season 10 expected to kick off on August 1, we can only speculate what might happen next since Epic does not comment on rumors or leaks.

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