Rift Zones will appear weekly throughout the island and the latest to rev up for a warp is the indoor soccer stadium west of Tilted.

Season 10 has brought tons of change to the game we all know and love. Yes, some of it has been quite terrible like the BRUTE, but the Rift Zones certainly have their unique charm and are a great way to spread out map changes over a whole season.

Rift Beacons arrived before each Rift Zone is added to alert players of the incoming change. The latest such beacon has now appeared at the indoor soccer stadium just due west of Tilted.

Instead of dumping all the map changes for Season X into a single patch, Epic’s Rift Zones spread the content out. We’ve heard minor complaints and can see why isn’t less “epic” than a huge release. Still, it’s hard to argue with a constant stream of solid content which dynamically affects gameplay and visuals.

Inactive Rift Beacon placed at indoor soccer arena

Here we go again…please no Fiends this time, Epic.

Rift Zones are permanent (as far as we know) map changes to the Season X map. Tilted Town brought with it the Wild West themed ‘no building’ zone and removed our beloved Neo Tilted. Retail Row was also added in patch v10.10 and reintroduced Fiends into the battle royale experience.

But, as with everything Fortnite related, we’re onto the next thing. The newest Rift Beacon has already arrived at the indoor soccer stadium.

No leaks have arrived about the zone yet as Epic encrypts the files until hours before the release. We can still take a good guess at what’s coming in Week 4’s zone. As of August 15, the Rift Beacon is not active.

What will replace Fortnite’s indoor soccer stadium?

Epic wants to bring back the soccer skins for another go on the Item Shop and an excellent way to do that is to bring back the full-sized soccer stadium. This location was specically added to the game during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in conjunction with the now infamous soccer Outfits. We realize it’s not the exact same location on the map, but it would work well with the narrative of the zone.


It’ll be a good way to bring extra revenue as newer players will want to grab this cosmetics up. Epic hasn’t confirmed this to be their plan publicly, but we’d completely surprised if they missed out on such a marketing opportunity.

We’ll continue supplying you additional information about the soccer Rift Zone as we get closer to Week 4. Due to heavy security around location changes, we’d say the best chance of leaks will be around August 20-21. Until then, there have been other major leaks like the Junk Rift item & Week 4 missions.

How have you been enjoying the Rift Zones in Season X? Give us your thoughts on the new map change methodology in the comments below!