Weapons are getting added to Fortnite at an unprecedented rate. Another data miner leak has revealed a new weapon is on its way along with a Prop Hunt LTM.

The Proximity Grenade Launcher will be arriving in Fortnite in the very recent future, but that’s old news. New leaks have revealed a possible Prop Hunt LTM is in the works.

According to several data mining sources, a new LTM and corresponding weapon will hit Fortnite at some point. This comes at the same time as multiple other leaks including Cattus event clues.

Prop Hunt LTM & Prop-o-matic Leaked

According to prominent data mining site, Storm Shield One, Prop Hunt might be coming to Fortnite. The leaks include information on the LTM and a weapon linked to the mode.

The weapon’s name is the ‘Prop-o-matic’ and its stats immediately betray the intent of the weapon’s implementation. The stats sheets revealed by Storm Shield One shows that the weapon does 0 damage (as of now).

Prop-o-matic Stats

The weapon also only has a single ‘bullet’ per magazine, deals no structural damage, and has no headshot multiplier.

After these leaks came out, other data miners went to work to find more clues. The weapon is more than likely linked to a Prop Hunt LTM.

For those that don’t know what ‘Prop Hunt’ is, here’s a short explanation of the mode. This is how the mode works in other games and we can’t know how Epic will change things up.

Which one isn’t real? Hmm…

In Prop Hunt, players are split into two teams: Seekers and Props. The Props must turn into differing environmental objects like Ammo Boxes to blend into the environment. The Seekers must try to find these Props after a short hiding period.

Anyway, on to some gameplay footage. The Prop-o-matic has been found as a render asset with game files. The data miner, @KrispyLeaks, found an image and render. With this render, the leaker created a bit of gameplay.

The basic gameplay of the weapon will be to shoot objects that you want to become. This suggests that the gameplay will be quite similar to the Prop Hunts from Call of Duty and Garry’s Mod.

We’ll keep updating you on any new information about this new weapon and LTM.

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