Since his first appearance back in Season 8, the banana-themed skin ‘Peely’ has quickly become a fan-favorite, and one of the most recognizable characters in Fortnite Battle Royale. 

Peely was included as part of Season 8’s Battle Pass, and could be unlocked by those who purchased the content pass, and grinded their way through it. 

Since then, Peely has taken a number of forms, appearing in the trailer for Season 9, and even getting blended down into Peely Smoothy, an awesome backbling that sees the character’s cute face smiling out of a glass jar, with a straw poking out of the top.

Peely got blended in the Season 9 trailer. Credit: Epic Games

Now, fans of the brightly colored character will be able to get their hands on a third Peely-themed item, with a brand new skin leaked by dataminer @lucas7yoshi.

The new skin sees Smoothy Peely in his glass bottle, but no longer will he be strapped to your back as you traverse across the island. As he’s found his own mode of transport in a massive metal robot that will carry him to victory. 

The machine, which is called P-1000, is designed to look like the fruit, with both its arms and legs taking the shape of bananas, while his jar sits inside a nook created by the black tip found on top of the food.

Leaked P-1000 Fortnite Battle Royale skin. Credit: @Lucas7yoshi

For those who would like to spend their hard-earned V-Bucks on P-1000, the bad news is that according to @lucas7yoshi, the skin will only be available my completing challenges as part of the Traveller Missions.

What these limited-time challenges are remain to be seen, but it appears that it will be part of a ‘Traveler Challenge Pack’, as their are also V-Bucks offered as rewards for reaching certain milestones. 

There’s currently no release date for P-1000 or the challenges, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available. 

Will you be buying the Traveler Challenge Pack? Do you think P-1000 is better than the original Peely? Let us know in the comments below!