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Limited Time Modes

New ‘Operation: Grotto’ game mode leaked

A new Operation Fortnite game mode has been leaked, called ‘Operation: Grotto.’



The Operation game modes have been the hallmark of Chapter 2 Season 3. Instead of regularly changing the LTM offerings, Epic have added a few Operation modes to fill our time.

We started with Operation: Dropzone before Knockout was introduced. With v12.50, we saw Operation: Payload come into the game for the first time – an escort-style game mode similar to that of Overwatch.

There was a fourth Operation mode added to the Fortnite game files in the v12.50 update. This will be called Operation: Grotto and – you guessed it – it will take place at The Grotto.

We don’t know much about the new Operation mode apart from the name. According to data miner @FortTory, the hatch of The Grotto will be closed during the match.

Whether we’ll be fighting to get out of The Grotto or fighting to get in is unclear. It’s safe to assume that there will be five rounds, as is the case with all of the Operation modes.

It will be interesting to see what kind of game mode this turns out to be. Our best guess is something like King of the Hill or Hardpoint – an objective-based game mode that we haven’t seen in Fortnite.

We’ll keep you posted when more news about this mode becomes available. Until then, keep grinding your spy tech!

Limited Time Modes

How to get the free Impossible Escape LTM cosmetics in Fortnite

Fortnite new Daybreak LTM is offering players the chance to earn two free cosmetic items including the Escapist Umbrella.



fortnite daybreak ltm

Fortnite has launched a new limited-time mode that offers players two free cosmetics. Here’s how you can get the free Impossible Escape LTM cosmetics in Fortnite.

Daybreak is the latest LTM from Fortnite, and it is in a similar vein to that of the Fortnite Storm King and Mando’s Bounty modes. Instead of being the last man standing, players have to team up to complete one main objective. This time around, players will have to fight against The Island to escape.

Players will need to talk with NPCs, collect exotic items, and repair damaged helicopters to earn an Escape Royale. They can choose to go at it alone or find friends along the way. Regardless, the unforgiving terrain and wildlife make surviving this mode quite the challenge.

FOrtnite impossible odds loading screen

Free Impossible Escape LTM cosmetics

Not only does this game mode add a refreshing change of pace, but it also offers a couple of free rewards. Players who win a round of the PvE and PvP modes will receive two free Impossible Escape LTM cosmetics. The PvE mode rewards players with a loading screen, and the PvP mode rewards players with an exclusive glider.

The main difference between modes is that in PvE, players cant hurt one another. But in PvP, players must eliminate one another to survive. Since players can’t drop in as a pre-made squad, they will have to trust other players to ensure their victory.

All that has to be done to get these cosmetics is win a round. The rewards will be given to the player after the round ends and they return to the home screen. This mode will only be around until May 25, so players will want to escape the island as soon as possible.

fortnite impossible escape royale

To win the Impossible Escape LTM, players will have to repair a helicopter within three in-game days by collecting four parts scattered across the island. Players will have 30 minutes to complete this task and will need to fly the helicopter to an escape point. It’s not the most difficult mode Fortnite has ever created, but it can take a few rounds to grasp the concept.

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Battle Royale

Best Prop Hunt maps available to play now in Fortnite



Prop Hunt has long been part of collective gaming culture. The mode has finally arrived in Fortnite and it looks to be a whole lot of fun!

Due to some mishaps on the part of Epic, Fortnite has been suffering some negative strides. In order to switch things back around, the devs need a successive streak of victories.

Prop Hunt has been a much asked for ‘just for fun’ mode and Epic is now delivering. This, along with great v9.30 changes, could really bring back a lot of excitement for Fortnite!

Prop Hunt playable now in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Creative mode is a stirring pot of creative genius and remarkable talents. For the lucky few chosen by Epic, the creations made in Creative become legendary adventures played by millions.

Prop Hunt has been brought to life by a team of talented Creative creators. The team at StrayKite managed to create a replica of the classic experience that plays like a dream.

Prop Hunt now in Fortnite! – via Epic Games

The mode is available to play now in Creative & Playground lobbies.

The basic rules of Prop Hunt are as follows:

  • Props are given a set amount of time to hide before Seekers try to find them
  • Each Prop can switch between differing objects a certain amount of times
  • Seekers try to find all the Props before the time limit is reached. If they manage to do so, the Seekers win.
  • If all Props are not found, the Props win.

Epic Games has not given any end-date for the Prop Hunt island feature, but the prop hunt mode can always be played from here on out. This can be done by using the Island Code provided by Epic (6069-9263-9110).

Using the Creative mode’s configuration settings, you can also create custom Prop Hunt game types. This includes longer Seeker time limits, stricter win conditions, banned props, and more. More options will be added for the mode in the future.

Best Prop Hunt island codes 2021

Island NameIsland CodeCreator
Prop Hunt: Modern Mall1679-1165-5282Regirom
Prop Hunt: Cozy Cafe8851-5874-9250Regirom
Lazer Tag Prop Hunt4313-9914-2759Puzzler
Prop Hunt: Battle Pass Edition9565-6442-7019Shride
Mall Prop Hunt!7666-6510-5877Gamerzhits
Prop Hunt Infinite7263-1478-7522Puzzler
Prop Hunt: The Simpsons3913-1259-2687Marablind
Asteroid Arcade (Prop Hunt1534-1221-2242SHAVERMAN46
Stranger Things Prop Hunt7011-8363-9120Mr_glaisternator
The Office Prop Hunt3006-8634-9197Mr_glaisternator
Prop Hunt With Abilities9249-3264-0093TeamUnite
Prophunt: Esports Villa5097-8380-0119H4llover4ter
Silhouette Prop Hunt5176-4146-5073ChannelFN
Swimming Pool Prop Hunt3487-1374-0131Fortniteart
Warlock’s Grave Prop Hunt6180-5637-0525Shinohara

Happy hunting!

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How to play Halo Blood Gulch LTM in Fortnite

The Blood Gulch Capture the Flag LTM is live in Fortnite. Here’s how to find and play it in Creative Mode.



Blood Gulch Fortnite LTM

Fortnite X Halo is here, with Master Chief, a new cosmetic bundle, and a Blood Gulch Capture the Flag LTM. Here’s how to play the new game mode.

If you thought Fortnite Season 4 was crossover-heavy, then you haven’t seen anything yet. The first week of Season 5 has included a Mandalorian Battle Pass skin along with crossovers with God of War and Halo – and this is only the beginning.

Unlike God of War, Halo’s multiplayer focus lent itself to a Fortnite LTM – the Creative Mode recreation of the iconic Blood Gulch Capture the Flag.

There is matchmaking available for this mode, but it isn’t as intuitive as you might expect. At the time of writing, there’s no way to directly queue into this game from the lobby, leaving players wondering whether or not it’s working.

What’s more, even loading into Creative Mode might not make this LTM available. The Creative “Fill” Mode doesn’t appear to show Blood Gulch as a featured island. Xbox players can’t even queue into matchmaking from these portals, anyway – at least, for now.

Once you know what to do, finding Blood Gulch is simple. Follow these steps:

  • Load into a private Creative Mode
  • Walk up too the Blood Gulch featured island and begin matchmaking

Players on Xbox One – or anyone in a Creative Fill lobby – can search for a match this way:

  • Put in island code: 9677-6974-5646
  • Enter the island after it loads
  • Enter the matchmaking portal within the island.
Blood Gulch Fortnite

As for the map itself, it’s a stunning recreation of one of the most iconic maps in the history of the Halo franchise.

In our short sample size, we didn’t find the game as competitive as we would’ve liked. Players on each team left before the end, and capturing the flag seemed impossible without proper teamwork.

Hop in and try it out for yourself! Your experience with the LTM could be vastly different than ours.

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