Epic introduced the ability to carry teammates and enemies with Fortnite Chapter 2. This new LTM concept puts the mechanic to good use.

Fortnite LTMs are a fantastic way to keep the game fresh and entertaining between updates. They also provide a way to take a break from – what can be – a sweaty experience with the new skill-based matchmaking.

Sometimes, though, the LTM lineup can feel a bit uninspired. Games like Arsenal, Bounty, Air Royale, and even One-Shot bring fresh mechanics to Fortnite, while others like Close Encounters and All-Gold don’t make too many changes to the base game.

Well, WarmArtist on Reddit has created an LTM concept centered on the new carrying mechanics in Fortnite – bringing a completely original idea to the lineup.

This LTM would require a few design changes to Fortnite, but Epic could make it work. The idea is simple: a duo mode where one player carries the other. If the top person dies, the bottom one can’t shoot. If the bottom person dies, the top player can’t move.

I like the idea of this mode, but I’d add a wrinkle of my own to it in the building department. I’d also give the bottom player an exclusive ability to build. They can move and build, while the other can only shoot.

Epic should also add three lives to each player – just so the game doesn’t go too quickly. Maybe, they should even give the bottom player a Gray Pistol when their partner dies. They can allow the top player to move as well – they just can’t build once their bottom half dies.

Ideas like this one bring an interesting angle to the new Fortnite chapter. It would be exciting if Epic introduced something like this.

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and lover/hater of all things Fortnite. Good comms on Twitter @JimmyDangus.