Fortnite data miner ‘FortTory’ has revealed a new trap coming to Epic Games’ battle royale, which will bring back nostalgia for long-term players of the game. 

FortTory has correctly preempted a number of significant changes in the past, leading to a reputation as one of Fortnite’s most reliable data-miners.

Back in April, they correctly stated that Tilted Towers and Retail Row would be destroyed by a volcano explosion, even if this map change didn’t last that long.

The old Zap Trap wasn’t in Fortnite long.

On August 31 the data miner leaked another item coming to Fortnite, this time in the form of a trap. The data miner also included a brief summary of how it can be placed and the expected rarity of the item.

Known as ‘The Zapper Trap’, the new item looks like a throwback to the old electric traps that featured briefly in Season 1 of Fortnite, when the game had little traction in the gaming world.

It is not clear exactly how the trap will operate, with many fans speculating with do more than simply deal damage. Some of the unconfirmed suggestions include electrocuting victims, who will be physically unable to move and therefore easy targets for enemy players.

The leaks state that the Zapper Trap will be epic rarity and can be placed on floors, walls and roofs. In a move away from how traps currently work, the leaked files suggest it can be placed on enemies’ walls.

This is one of the aspects of the new trap that will be most subject to change, given the fact that it is not how traps currently operate. At the moment, they may only be placed on builds that belong to the player in question.

The data available also states that they will stack in 4s, but this will likely also be subject to change, depending on how they fall into the game’s meta.

Fans speculated that it will deal damage to all players caught in it, explaining why it can be placed on enemies’ walls.

The item itself (and all the speculation along with it) is unconfirmed, and will remain that way until Epic Games confirm its addition. No expected date was given for the Zapper Traps addition.