Each poster has its own color scheme and theme which all revolve around classic World War 2 propaganda, potentially hinting at yet another destructive Fortnite event.

On June 25, Reddit user Smithstirini posted three event posters for the potential ‘Cattus’ Fortnite event in the FortniteLeaks subreddit.

Fans believe that the ‘Cattus’ event will mark the end of Season 9 and introduce the tenth season of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Each poster has their own individual design, but reference danger, hiding, and rebuilding.

Event posters

Smithstirini posted a horizontal picture showing off each poster which might be used for the upcoming ‘Cattus’ event, which is rumored to be the Season 10 introductory event.

Do you think the posters could be purposely referencing WW2?

The first poster is blue and features a sky platform. It also shows off bold, white text on top reading: “When danger strikes.” The bottom continues with, “Take the high ground!”

“Duck and Cover” is the main focus of the second poster which shows off a female Fortnite character using a jet pack in front of a purple background.

Last but not least, the third poster follows the infamous J. Howard Miller “We Can Do It!” female-empowering WW2 poster.

The leaked posters clearly follow inspiration from WW2-era art.

Instead of a red bandanna donning female, there is a character wearing the Cuddle Leader skin and making the same muscle pose as it’s inspiration.

Could it be possible that bombs could be dropping in Fortnite, causing a war? Is it possible Epic Games is baiting us?

It is important to note that Epic does not comment on leaks or rumors, so the only way to see what they have planned is to stay tuned to their social accounts and the in-game news tracker.