The latest Fortnite Season 10 news feed update confirms the imminent arrival of the new Junk Rift item.

Epic Games is always adding and removing items from the Fortnite experience. That trend continues with the arrival of the Junk Rift. This item has been leaked by data-miners in the past during the patch v10.10 downtime.

The first official news of the Junk Rift came with the update of the in-game news feed. Let’s get into what we know about the upcoming throwable.

Junk Rift item coming soon to Fortnite

On August 19, Epic Games updated the in-game new feed for all regions. These update generally bring the first official announcement for in-game additions and features. In addition to advertising the Red Strike pack, the updated screen shows the upcoming arrival of the Junk Rift.

August 19 Fortnite News Feed

Epic Games has not officially released any information about the item as of yet. This is common as Epic doesn’t want to spoil anything for fans who’d prefer to learn as they play.

However, as you might expect, data-miners were able to get their hands on some early details.

Season X Junk Rift item information & leaks

Epic Games has been keeping a tight lid of gameplay of new items and locations. They do this by locking down files with unbreakable encryption protocols. While there may be hackers capable of cracking the seals, that’s when you start getting into the gray areas of illegality.

However, we’ve got the general gist of how the Junk Rift will work in-game. The first image of the this item in-action can be seen in the Week 3 ‘Worlds Collide’ loading screen.

Eternal Voyager using the Junk Rift

The image shows the Eternal Voyager using its power to call down huge objects from Rifts in the sky. The player doesn’t hold the same inherent control over the dimensions, so we’ll need something to help us out. The Junk Rift will provide us the opportunity to rain down dinosaurs too!

According to @Lucas7yoshi, the item will essentially be another version of the Air Strike. As he explains it, players will throw the object at enemies to send a rocket into the skies above. After the rocket travels for a bit, it explodes and opens a Rift. Massive objects like trucks, monuments, and buildings will spawn from above to crush builds and players below.

We’re not entirely convinced that the item will truly be useful. Yes, it’ll be a potent end-game device to destroy builds and force gunfights, but casual matches rarely get to that point. The amount of usage in early to mid games should be minimal as you could just run and build in a location away from the Junk Rift.

What do you think of this new Junk Rift item? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.