Patch v4.5.0 released today with some additions to outfits that have been previously released. Battle Hound, Venturion and Ventura all received new Back Blings which were automatically given to anyone who already bought them:

Based on this we may see the return of these skins very soon. With Battle Hound not appearing in the shop since March 20th, it seems unlikely Epic would add a desirable Back Bling now without the intention of selling it again.

Also added to the game files was the new Crimson Axe harvesting tool. While it may seem like a coincidence at first that it follows the same theme as Season 2’s Red Knight, the item is referred to as ‘Pickaxe-Flintlock-RedKnight’ in the game files. This may hint at a re-release of the infamously rare skin which last appeared on February 20th.

Note: None of this is confirmed, it is purely speculation based on past patterns (Wukong and Royale Flags).