Fortnite X Avengers will arrive on April 25th and Epic Games has just released an all new teaser for the event. Iron Man is headed to Fortnite.

Earlier during the week, Epic Game began revealing heroes that will make an appearance during the Fortnite X Avengers limited time event. So far, Captain America and Thor have received teaser images via Twitter.

The signature shield of the Captain and the Stormbreaker Axe were shown off via Twitter. Now, Epic has blessed us with another small look at what we can expect from the event.

Iron Man is coming to Fortnite

In a new tweet on Wednesday morning, Epic revealed a new hero coming for the Fortnite X Avengers event. Or at least they confirmed the appearance of his signature suit gauntlets.

The image shows Raptor wielding parts of Iron Man’s suit and getting ready to fire beams of energy. He could also be getting ready to fly.

We imagine that more of the suit may be available in the final release, but all of the teaser images so far have only showed weapons used by heroes rather than the heroes themselves.

We’ll just have to wait and see for what the in-game uses of these new items will be.

As with the other leaks, the chances of these items appearing in the regular game modes or Arena is very minimal. Epic Games learned their lessons with the addition of the Infinity Blade and these super powered weapons will most likely appear in an LTM.

No details have been released about how the event will play out. We project that an LTM will arrive on April 25th with potential skin releases as well.

During the Thanos event, Epic Games did state that they would not add Marvel skins to the game at that time. With that said, the money that Marvel and Epic could make from producing joint skin sales is astronomical.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the two other teasers, we’ve included them here to help you out. The teasers, as mentioned before, feature Thor’s Stormbreaker and Captain America signature shield.

You can also check out full teaser reveal articles for both the Stormbreak Axe and Captian America’s shield.

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  1. Since Thanos is an official character in Fortnite we can assume that he did snap in their universe as well. Considering these teaser are for endgame which takes place after the snap we can assume that the characters in the teaser survived the snap. This means that Brite Bomber, Fishstick, and Raptor survived the snap. I wonder who else did?


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