Epic Games’ Fortnite World Cup Finals begin on July 26 and the Fishstick skin has received a new, fitting Style to celebrate.

Recently, Epic Games gave a new Style to Shadow Ops to help give players more options with the old Outfit. They’ve been keen to update cosmetics on a regular basis to ensure that newer fans still want to purchase the older Item Shop rotational content.

In honor of the Fortnite World Cup Finals, Fishstick has gotten a new Style of his own. Players who own the skin will get the Style for free, so it looks that Christmas has come early. Epic have yet to make the skin available for purchase again, but this may change in the coming days.

Fortnite World Cup Finals Fishstick Style

Fortnite World Cup Loading Screen – via @ShiinaBR

On July 24, Epic Games released the Fishstick World Cup Style. You will receive the Style upon logging in if you own the skin. Other Finals content has not yet been released, but should appear in the Item Shop for purchase on July 25.

Fishstick’s a great choice in our opinion for a World Cup Style as it’s one of Fortnite’s most iconic Outfits. Its popularity has died down somewhat in the past months, but we’re sure to see a resurgence during the esports event. Most notably, Fishstick commonly appears in memes and ‘humor’ posts on the FortniteBR subreddit.

The Style became availble as of 9 AM EST on July 24, but don’t panic if it hasn’t appear for you yet. Some gifting roll-outs take some time to reach each account.

Courtesy of @Lucas7yoshi, here’s an image of the Style from in-game:

Fishstick just witnessed a PogChamp worthy play – via @Lucas7yoshi

In addition to this Style, Epic will be offering a new ‘World Warrior’ skin & a ‘Kiss the Cup’ emote. These are slated for release on July 25 at 8 PM EST. You can see the World Warrior skin in the loading screen image above. Unfortunately, no gameplay of the Kiss the Cup emote has leaked at this time.

Fishstick FWC Style Unlock – via @ShiinaBR

The Finals kick off on July 26 at 12:30 PM EST with the Creative Finals and the next Pro-Am event. While we are excited for these events, the true competition begins on July 27 and July 28 with the Duos and Solos Finals. Both events will feature fierce matches amongst 100 of Fortnite’s best players.

While attending the event in-person grants the best experience, watching from the comfort of your gaming chair is an excellent choice as well. Epic will be broadcasting the event to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also view the event via in-game streaming. Epic also introduced a Picture-in-Picture option which will allow you to play and watch at the same time.

Will you be watching the event with bated breath as your favorites try their hand at becoming legends? It’s honestly difficult to contain the excitement as we’re so close to the launch! This weekend will be something no one in gaming will forget with $30,000,000 dollars on the line.

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