Are you having trouble keeping track of the Fortnite circle during the late-game chaos? This tool will help make sure you don’t lose track of your fundamentals.

It can be tough to keep track of everything during a Fortnite match – especially if you’re playing in competitive mode. New or inexperienced players have a particularly difficult time keeping track of the storm and how many materials they have over the course of a match.


The Storm Circle wasn’t a huge deal during Season 9 since there was so much mobility across the map. We had slipstreams and ballers in addition to the Shockwaves and Launch Pads that are currently in the game.

Epic has buffed mobility in Fortnite with the recent addition of the Batman Grapnel Gun and the unvaulting of the Bouncer, but it can still feel like a running simulator if you don’t have one of these items in your inventory.

YouTuber RESPRiT created an online tool for those who are having difficulty navigating the storm circle. 

Experienced players know that they should be checking the storm circle during the first few zones, but it can be tough to remember the timing when you’re stuck in a late-game competitive match. This tool really shines when there are 30 people in a small circle, all waiting to rotate.

The tool is in YouTube video form right now. All you have to do is start the video when your map starts, then listen for the audio cues throughout your match. After a while, you’ll associate these sounds with checking your materials, looking for Supply Drops, and keeping track of the storm circle.

Right off the bat, this tool seems to be most helpful for new players. Hardcore competitive players will be checking a lot of these early-game elements on their own, while new players often neglect them.

When the zone moves to the late-game, even the most experienced players can forget to look at the zone. Bodies are flying everywhere and players are just trying to get picks in the sky and kills on the ground.

It can be hectic, and simple things like checking materials and where the zone is heading can fall by the wayside – especially in Solos. Before you know it, you’re on the short side of the circle with no materials. This tool will help prevent such situations.

Go check out RESPRiT’s tool and other videos he has a lot of educational content for high and low-level players alike.

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