Stream-sniping is a frustrating issue in online multiplayer games for streamers. Fortnite has struggled to cull these cheaters, but a newfound fix planed by Epic might go a long way.

On April 7th, a member of the Fortnite Competitive subreddit decided to make a suggestion to Epic Games for dealing with stream-snipers. The problem is very prevalent and essentially forces streamers to play with immense delays.

Community Suggests New Stream Sniping Fix

The suggestion would change the skin of the player on the server side of the matchmaking equation. This means that the player could be rocking Ghoul Trooper on stream and in-game, but enemies/other players would see a random skin…let’s say Cuddle Team Leader.

Naturally, all other players would see the same skin to keep call-outs in check.

Suggestion to Improve Streamer Mode from r/FortniteCompetitive

Epic Games confirms the feature is on the way

Well, it turns out that Epic Games does think that the idea is a good one. An Epic dev replied to the suggestion in swift fashion and gave confirmation that the feature is on the way.

“DanDaDaDanDan” put up a reply informing the community that a new fix is in development, but has missed the patch v8.30 release window.


While it sucks a little that the feature will not release with the v8.30 update, it’s good to know that Epic is working ways to mitigate the impact of stream snipers.

Why stream-sniping is such a big issue

Streamers and viewers enjoy interacting with each other during streams, but it becomes very difficult when you are forced to put a 30 minute delay on your stream. Some streamers have even decided to quit streaming major events due to stream-sniping.

The issue doesn’t just effect big streamers like Tfue and Ninja, it also smaller streamers. Many beginning streamers tend to put ‘TTV’ or something similar into their in-game names or promote themselves using such names.

Stream-snipers target these players, preventing them from growing their channels and obstructing their progression in Fortnite events.

This fix will go a long way to help patch up the severe issue of stream-sniping in Fortnite. Harsher penalties for carrying out stream-sniping could also help, but these may take cooperation with server and internet service providers to be effective.