Respawn vans have been floating around inside the game files of Fortnite for a long time now. We’ve finally got a more concrete look at how the Vans will actually work.

What would the world be with the work of data-miners? It would certainly be a whole lot less exciting.

Data-miners have uncovered new data on the upcoming Respawn Vans for Fortnite. It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten truly concrete gameplay information on these elusive new items.

The Respawn Vans are a direct response by Epic to the popular new respawn mechanics present in Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout. The respawn gives players another chance given their teammates can survive long enough to revive them.

The new mechanics leaks come from @lucas7yoshi_. Here’s the original tweet:

Now that’s some juicy details! Let’s take a closer look.

From what we can parse, the required price for respawning teammates into the game will be quite a high toll. We don’t know for certain if these are a combined cost, but it wouldn’t be unfair to think it as getting respawned is quite a prize.

  • 100 Mats for Revive (Differing between Wood, Brick, and Metal per Van)
  • 75 Medium Ammo (Presumed different amounts per ammo type)
  • A specified weapon must be given to the van (Common Assault Rifle)

Our best guess is that the cost will be randomized combination of these factors. You will arrive at the van and be given a set of ingredients. If you have them, you can revive your teammate.

We’re a little hesitant to say we are excited at the prospect of more RNG being introduced into the game. The Battle Royale game type already has enough of it as it is.

With that said, the ingredients could even be displayed from a distance or be common enough most of the time (100 wood is something everyone has on them). The ingredients for revives might also be set per Van. We don’t know those details quite yet.

The Vans also seem to have “Reboot” or “Recharge” period. This means another team will have to wait some amount of time before they can swoop in.

Key to note also is the “Reviving Squad Members.” This suggests all dead squad members will revived at the same time when the Van is used.

What are you expectations for the Respawn Vans in Fortnite? Do you think Epic’s implementation of the popular mechanic will go smoothly?

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