It looks like the next Fortnite LTM has been leaked through the game’s data files once again. This time, it seems Epic Games will be putting their own twist on a long time favorite mode from other shooters.

Gun Game has been around in shooters for a very long time. It’s been around one form or another in almost every major shooter including Call of Duty, Battlefield, CS:GO, and others.

The game mode’s rules are simple. Every player in the game will spawn in with the same weapon and each kill advances them onto a new weapon. This continues until a player gets a kill with the last weapon in the chain and wins the match.

Epic Games isn’t one to just take an idea without putting their own flavor onto the steak.

Here’s all the leaked information we have on Reverse Gungame so far, courtesy of @FortTory.

The info here is limited, but we can get some of the key points for the game mode locked down.

The description states that each player will start with “the same powerful weapon” which suggests that weapons like the grey AR and tactical shotgun will not be making an appearance at the spawn.

Each kill will regress your weapon down to a less powerful one. So, the name ‘Reverse Gungame’ is quite literal. The mode seems to have an inherent catch-up mechanic as the later weapons will be hard pressed to compete against the higher power rifles and SMGs.

As for lobby size, the LTM looks be quite a significant departure from Epic’s other modes. Lobbies will only 20 players per.

This suggests that each lobby will either be playing on a smaller, random portion of the map OR pre-selected smaller pieces of the Fortnite map. Similar to the size of Battlefield or bigger Call of Duty/Halo maps.

It’s the first real sign that Epic may be interested in competing with other games in more traditional ‘arena shooter’ setting.

But, all of that still remains to be seen. Tell us your thoughts on this new leaked LTM in the comments below or by heading over to our Twitter at @FortniteINTEL.