Players have found another Fortnite bug. This time, it involves the unvaulted Launch Pad.

The most recent Fortnite Chapter 2 updated has introduced a long list of brand-new bugs to the game. The new physics system didn’t seem to have intentionally changed much, but it did make a ton of unintentional changes that made Fortnite more difficult to play.

At least, Epic threw us a bone in the mobility department. We now have the first mobility item of Chapter 2: Launch Pads. These were also the first mobility item in Chapter 1.

Unfortunately, Launch Pads weren’t immune from the v11.50 bugs, either. Placing a Launch Pad doesn’t break existing structures as you might expect. The obstructed Launch Pad also disables the item’s ability until you break the obstruction, which can lead to your death in fast-paced scenarios.

To be fair, this player probably would have died anyway. They were getting shot from two angles and the Launch Pad might have only delayed the inevitable.

Still, the issue of obstructed Launch Pads is another in a long line of bugs that Epic is going to have to address for Fortnite Season 2. Let’s hope that they’re up for the task.

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