A new leak for Fortnite has revealed two new skins coming in a future update. The skins have a distinct style and are likely part of a new set.

Leaks happen for Fortnite from time to time, but the flow of info has been a little slow lately. This could be changing again as some details of new cosmetics have emerged.

Two new skins have been found by data-miners in the Fortnite data files. Both rock a stunning new look and bring a bit of flashiness to the table.

Masked Warrior Skins Leaked

On Wednesday 22nd, the v9.10 patch released for Fortnite players and that means it was time to get busy for the data-miners.

According to @joehasanaccount, two new skins could be arriving to Fortnite’s Item Shop in the near future. These skins are not available for purchase at this time.

To be clear, no release date has given or leaked for these skins.

This new set looks to include both a male and female skin. In addition to these skins, we made see some back-blings and things of that nature.

Keep in mind that these skins could be part of an upcoming event. The style of the skins looks a lot like the color of ‘Skorpion’ from Mortal Kombat. These may be a tribute to the franchise.

No additional information has been leaked at this time about these two skin. We will continue to update you on any new information as soon as we can get it.