Construction sites have been popping up around the Fortnite map with excavators digging huge holes into the Earth, but nobody knows what they are looking for.

The first dig site popped up at Dusty Divot, with construction vehicles digging directly in the middle of the crater that was left from the meteor crash of Season 3.

S1l0x was able to find the next dig site, which would be located just to the east of Loot Lake.

Where is the third Dig Site?

It seems like S1l0x was correct, as the third site has now appeared in Fortnite to the east of Loot Lake.

The new site is similar to the first location at Dusty Divot, and the second toward the south-east corner of the map in the Desert biome.

Players will be able to interact with the rocks, destroy them, and potentially find clues towards Season 8’s storyline.

What is at the bottom of the dig sites?

Players were able to get to the bottom of the dig site at Dusty Divot and found some interesting clues pertaining towards Season 8.

The bottom of the dig site at Dusty Divot contained dinosaur bones, a huge metal pirate anchor, and a geyser.

It’s possible that Epic could be using these Dig sites to hint at an upcoming map change, or Season 9’s story-line theme.

Season 8 have revolved around Pirates and treasure, so could Season 9 be based around Dinosaurs and the jurrasic age?