Patch v5.40 is live, dataminers have uncovered numerous new assets coming to Fortnite Battle Royale. Among the discoveries are new audio files for the Cube Event.

Over a minute and a half of audio was added, in this we hear the sound of flowing lava. Currently, lava is not present anywhere on the map.

On top of this, assets for Volcanic Pits and Lava Blobs have been spotted.

Knowing what we do about the Fortnite Cube and it’s journey to Loot Lake where it will then be “Corrupted”, an educated guess could be made that the Cube will corrupt the Map or possibly Loot Lake. This would be the Season 5 Finale/Season 6 Introduction, similar to the Meteor and Rocket Launch seen during Season 4-5.

The Road Trip Season 5 Week 10 Loading Screen features a Brite Bomber coming in contact with the Cube. In the reflection we see a Corrupted Brite Bomber who appears to be evil.

I was looking at someone, but it wasn’t me…

What do you think will happen, where will Season 6 take Fortnite Battle Royale?