Fortnite cosmetics are even better when they are exclusive to events, bundles, or other limited time content. Playstation revealed a new Neo Versa bundle coming with specified purchases of Playstation consoles and gear.

Epic Games has been busy with setting up collaborations and partnerships with nearly every major gaming hardware producers. Key among these are mobile and console device manufacturers. Both Xbox and Playstation have received exclusive Fortnite deals in the past.


On July 8, Sony revealed that Playstation would be running another Fortnite bundle campaign. In a Playstation blog post, they went into detail about the cosmetics and what devices you’ll need to buy in order to unlock them.

Fortnite Neo-Versa bundle coming with select Playstation purchases

Neo Versa Bundle – Playstation Blog

The latest Playstation Fortnite bundle is known as the Neo Versa cosmetic set. The set will include a single skin and its corresponding Back-Bling. Players who purchase any of the select Playstation devices will also get 2000 V-Bucks added to their Fortnite accounts.

The Playstation Neo Versa bundles will release on July 24th in mainland Europe, July 26th in the UK, and July 10th in Australia. US release dates are unknown.

Instead of the usual one bundle deal, Sony is upping the game to another level. Players looking to purchase Playstation devices will have five different choices to receive the Neo Versa set.

Base Playstation Neo Versa Bundles [1/2]

For players who want to obtain a regular, base Playstation along with the Neo Versa outfit, Sony is offering two options.

Base PS4 – via Playstation
  • Fortnite Neo Versa – Base Playstation Bundle – Includes jet-black 500GB Playstation 4, Dualshock 4 controller, and a code for Neo Versa content
  • Fortnite Neo Versa – Base Playstation Bundle – Includes jet-black 500GB Playstation 4, two Dualshock 4 controllers, and a code for Neo Versa content.

Playstation 4 Pro Neo Versa Bundle [3]

Of course, for those gamers who want a little more power from their gaming console, Sony is offering a PS4 Pro bundle as well.

via Playstation Blog
  • Fortnite Neo Versa – Playstation 4 Pro Bundle – Includes PS4 Pro, Dualshock 4 controller, and a code for Neo Versa content

Dualshock 4 Neo Versa Bundle & Gold Wireless Headset Bundle [4/5]

It wouldn’t be fair to existing PS4 owners if there wasn’t a few bundles for them as well. Sony is also offering two accessory centered bundles which include the Neo Versa cosmetic set.

  • Fortnite Neo Versa – Dualshock 4 Bundle – Includes jet black Dualshock 4 controller and a Neo Versa code
  • Fortnite Neo Versa – Gold Wireless Headset Bundle – Includes jet black Gold Wireless Headset and Neo Versa code

Sony’s blog post also detailed bundle availability per country. As of July 8th, there’s no information about US availability.

Bundle Availability in the EU

We must say. That Neo Versa skin is extremely clean (though it is a reskin) and perfectly fits in Season 9’s futuristic theme. We’re looking forward to seeing some gameplay of the outfit once these bundles release to the public.