A random change we weren’t expecting from this update in the middle of Season 8 was the change to the animations for all the consumables in the game, and they are pretty awesome.

Every single major consumable in the game has gotten a rework with a new animation that makes them feel a bit more realistic.

Big pots, Minis, Slurp, Chug Jugs, Bushes, Bandages and Medkits are all brand new now.

The shields have a more accurate portrayal of trying to chug an entire container with plenty of the shield spilling on the ground and shirt of the player.

The bandages are actually wrapped around the characters arm while the Medkit pours some anti-infective on the wound before wrapping a bandage.

Theaussieperson went on Reddit to do every animation in a row and made this video:

All new consumable animations with a side of shoddy camera work! chug jug is the best – slowed down for better viewing from r/FortNiteBR

There are a ton of these posts on Reddit today but this one is unique as it shows every single animation and moves the camera to give the player a good view of the animation.

All the four different shields have gone the extra mile with their new animation.

The mini has the character pop the cork off with their teeth, the big pot has the character undo the latch and pat the back for the last drop, the slurp is just a quick pop off of the top.

But the best new animation has to be the Chug Jug.

Of all the shields this was the one that felt like it deserved something unique considering it takes 15 seconds to consume. Now it just rains over your face for that whole time as you can see the level inside slowly go down.

What is your favorite new animation from this update?

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