Fans of Fortnite Chapter 2 Zone Wars LTM are getting a few new updates to the arenas with Vortex now live while Colosseum and Downhill River are still on the way.

Zone Wars, and similar modes, has been a huge fixture in Fortnite since the Creative Mode launched in December 2018. Later on, Epic Games made it an LTM for the actual game in the latter half of Season 10 since it was heavily popular mode among the more competitive players.

Zone Wars Vortex is live for the players to use. Credit: zeroyahero YouTube

While there’s been a ton of arenas for Zone Wars created by the community, the creative minds behind the LTM’s maps ‘zeroyahero’ and ‘Jesgran’ have been hard at work at refining the designs for Chapter 2’s iteration of the mode.

With the new era of Fortnite in full swing, Zone Wars Vortex seems to be completed for players to enjoy the finished product of the popular arena.

“This will be my last post with about Vortex Chapter 2 update!” zeroyahero said. “Last one was strictly for feedback to see if it was ready for release. Now I think it’s ready!”

Vortex was a well-designed arena from the get-go, but one of its major downfalls lied in the rapidly moving circle – which seems to have been addressed in this version.

Vortex Zone Wars Chapter 2! Code in Comments! from r/FortniteCompetitive

Fortnite players ready to lock and load into the finished Vortex design should use the live code to experience the ironed out version of the map: 9310-1401-9904

Before zeroyahero released the completed Vortex design, there were tons of players already lauding their design as the best Zone Wars locale to be released.

Especially since some of the more anticipated maps have yet to make their final appearance in the hyped LTM.

Fortnite players are anticipating the anticipated update for Colosseum. Credit: jespergran YouTube

Even though players have glowing reviews for the hectic battlefield featured in Colosseum, details on the final version are scarce but should come out soon. Though the creator did release a code for the updated map:  7058-7590-2628

Spawn camping has been a persistent issue in Colosseum, and even though there have been ways to prevent it, so hopefully it’s addressed in future patches.

Similarly, Downhill River seems to still be under development seeing as there have been even fewer public announcements about that map’s progress. 

It looks like Zone Wars’ popularity isn’t dying down anytime soon, so players should expect more updates from the devs as the Fortnite Chapter 2 era progresses.

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