A Fortnite dataminer has revealed a handful of encrypted cosmetics including an Alien Area 51 skin and a Female Love Ranger look, which could both appear in the game soon.

One of the best things about Fortnite is the huge amount of skins, back blings, gliders, and harvesting tools that you can get your hands on.

Whether you want to prove you’re a top player by looking like John Wick, show off your support for the Avengers with Star-Lord, or join the crowd with a Peely skin, there is something for everyone. 

Yet, it appears as if Epic has some new cosmetics in the works. These will seemingly come in the form of an Alien and a Female Cupid that everyone will want to own once they drop into the Item Shop. 

IMG: Fortnite

The new cosmetics were revealed by Sl10x on Septemeber 17 after they tweeted out a handful of encrypted new skins.

The ‘Traveler’ skin is, perhaps, the most interesting of the three as players can take on the look of a green Alien. The Traveler looks set to complete with a grey-colored suit with the number 51 – likely a reference to Area 51, the conspiracy theorists’ home of aliens in the United States – stamped all over. 

What makes the skin even more interesting, though, is that the leaker tweeted that it could be released on September 20.

That date, coupled with the 51 markings, could signal a reference from Epic towards the ‘Storm Area 51’ meme that went viral on the internet over the summer.

There also appears to be an accompanying pickaxe, featuring a wooden sign with a UFO on top.

However, that’s not all. Sl10x also revealed that there is a Female Love Ranger skin that is also in the works. 

The female cupid, which doesn’t seem to have the purple markings or same wings as its male counterpart, will instead come complete with golden tints and a different set of wings. 

Just when these new skins will be released into the Item Shop, however, remains to be seen, as the wait for the new v10.31 update and fresh cosmetics rumbles on.