In shooters, it’s quite important for the hitboxes of characters to work properly. Additionally, the hitboxes or ‘colliders’ of the environments must be near perfect. A bug has been found with one of the hitboxes in Fortnite.

Builds are a core part of Fortnite, but they proved troublesome over the months. Bugs creep into the code as new features are added and the newest one could have a major impact for all players.

Many fixes have been made to the hitboxes of ramps and walls in the past, but this new glitch will require work on a rarer build type.

Brick Triangle Builds glitched in v9.01

Due to the edits and pre-edits that players can preform, it is possible to create all types of shapes in Fortnite. One of these shapes is the ‘Triangle’ made by editing a wall.

As of the v9.01, Brick Triangle is specific have a dangerous bug. You can see the bug in action in the Reddit post below.

Brick triangle edit hitbox broken from r/FortniteCompetitive

The hitbox on the lower edge of the Brick Triangle is too large and allow players to poke their heads out. The opposing player will see an exposed head and, naturally, attempt to kill the bugged player.

While the glitch seems to work both ways (ie. you cannot shoot through the hitbox while taking cover), the glitch is still extremely disruptive to Fortnite gameplay.

You can get players to shoot at you by allowing your head to show up. This will eliminate the chances of the sneak attack (as long as you cover the three other sides with walls). The enemy has no choice, but to attack full on.

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