The highlight of Fortnite’s v9.30 patch has been announced – the Chug Splash!

As of the June 18th Item Shop reset, the Chug Splash is present in the in-game message of the day feed. This descendant of the Chug Jug appears to be a new healing item, though its exact mechanics are not-yet known.

Downtime for the v9.30 update is scheduled for Tuesday, June 18th, at 4AM Easter Time. Patch Notes and the trailer for the Chug Splash are likely to release around fifteen minutes before then, stay tuned.

via @FNMasterCom

Chug Splash

It pays to share. Keep your squad in the game!

According to Fortnite Public Trello Board, the following bugs and issues will also be fixed in the v9.30 patch:

  • Traps sometimes invisible to players
  • If a player swaps with another player from another group in a Large Party, the player who was swapped will sometimes have the first player’s model.
  • Style challenges from past seasons appearing even though completed
  • Creative: Server ends when a game is completed after a storm has finished closing

Given what we know, v9.30 is shaping up to be a beefy patch. What else are you hoping to see in the Patch Notes?

What are your thoughts and predictions for the new Chug Splash item? Let us know in the comments below.

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