Every Fortnite update comes with a batch of leaked cosmetics, and Fortnite Chapter 2 is no different. Take a look at the latest batch of leaked Fortnite skins.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has only been out for one day and it’s already a smash hit. It combines everything we love about the original Fortnite with a new map and some long-needed improvements in the loot pool and in the quality-of-life departments.

Every Fortnite update is accompanied by leaks from data miners who pour over the game files. We saw a small batch of leaks come out as soon as Epic released the new patch, but these weren’t everything hiding in the files.

The first round of leaks included some spooky Halloween outfits that are sure to be coming to the story in the coming weeks. You can take a look at them here if you haven’t already.

Since the update, though, Fortnite data miner s1l0x has been looking for the cosmetics that fell through the cracks. He released several new skins on Twitter, along with their pickaxes, back bling, and some new emote animations.

New Starter Pack

The Bullet Bundle will be the new starter pack, giving players a new skin, back bling, and pickaxe to use. As is the case with most of these bundles, we’ll probably get 600 V-Bucks to use in the store as well.

It’s a shame that Epic didn’t put this one out at the start of Chapter 2. A lot of players who needed a few more V-Bucks probably would’ve grabbed it.

Molten Omen

All of the new skins – outside of the starter pack – are re-skins of existing Fortnite cosmetics. The Dark Omen is a unique version of the original, but the real winner here is the cape. This might be one to buy for the back bling alone.

Shadow Ark

The Ark is one of my favorite skins in Fortnite, and the Shadow Ark will be up there as well. Unfortunately, the wings are far too big to consistently use. They take up half of your screen, making what could be a must-own item into an eyesore.

Dark Power Chord

The Dark Power Chord will probably be the most popular leaked Fortnite skin on this list. The base skin is already popular, and we know how many Dark Bombers are running around.

Which skin is your favorite? Will you be buying any of them or holding off until more come out? Let us know in the comments.

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