Could the aesthetics of the Hunting Party’s A.I.M. skin hint at a cold front coming to Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode?

Season 6 Week 7 brought the A.I.M. Cosmetic set to the game which includes a Legendary Skin and Back Bling, and a Rare Pickaxe which seems to only be available via the Item Shop.

Players have noticed that the A.I.M. Skin features a frost texture around the ends of its arms a legs, potentially hinting that the Skin came from a Winter setting.

The details on A.I.M.’s backstory are scarce right now, which is unusual as Season 4’s The Visitor and Season 5’s Omega skins had very prominent backstories. This could be due to the fact that A.I.M. is from the future?

As you can see in the model above, A.I.M.’s arms and legs have began to frost over, though we do not know why as the Fortnite Battle Royale map does not take place in a cold environment.

The only backstory known for A.I.M. is that he entered the map via Parachute and potentially an Airplane. Why or how A.I.M. came to be is unknown, nor is the meaning behind the Hunting Party title.

During Winter of 2017 Fortnite’s Save The Wold mode featured a Winter-themed map, however this was never brought to the more popular Battle Royale mode. This upset many players, it’s possible it may happen this coming Winter. Stay tuned.

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