A new exploit in Fortnite Chapter 2 allows you to avoid ever taking fall damage again, and it’s surprisingly simple.

After top streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff stunned everyone with a bizarre clip, where he jumped from an insane height but took no fall damage, the community has been trying to wrap its head around it.

NICKMERCS was dumbfounded, as were his thousands of viewers, but no one could quite work out how it had unfolded.

You can avoid fall damage forever with this easy trick.

It turns out that Nick had accidentally stumbled upon a bug with the big bushes in Chapter 2, which can be used to avoid fall damage.

Typically, you need to land in the bushes to prevent fall damage. But this new glitch means that all you have to do is touch the bush, and the next time you jump, there will be no fall damage.

Shown by competitive player u/MrHindoG on Reddit, this trick is incredibly easy to replicate.

Never take fall damage ft. Nickmercs [In-game exploit] from r/FortniteCompetitive

This move is so incredibly straight-forward, any player of any skill level could pull it off.

It’s worth remembering that any jump – even a small one – will reset the exploit, meaning you would need to run through the bush again to activate it.

Since the glitch has been exposed by a big name streamer like NICKMERCS though, it’s likely that Epic Games will be aware of the issue.

As it is almost certainly not intentional, the fall damage exploit will probably be patched in an upcoming update, meaning now is the time to make the most of it.

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