Two of Fortnite’s most popular locations, Neo Tilted and Paradise Palms, are set to undergo some huge transformations throughout Season 10 – including the possible return of Moisty Mire. 

The game’s tenth season officially kicked off on Thursday, August 1 with the v10.0 update, which introduced the brand new B.R.U.T.E. mech suits, and a new addition to the game called Rift Zones. 

These Rift Zones appeared following the explosion of the orb at the end of Season 9, and create alternate versions of reality that significantly affect gameplay, whether it be in the return of a new location, or a new way of playing that may mean you cannot use certain items, or gain special abilities. 

Season X has already saw the return of fan favorite point-of-interest Dusty Depot alongside a host of other map changes, and it appears that Epic have major plans for two of the game’s most popular landing spots, Neo Tilted and Paradise Palms. 

Paradise Palms will disappear according to hints from Epic Games. Credit: Epic Games

According to popular data miner FortTory, Neo Tilted, which is currently a futuristic cityscape with huge LED boards and modern buildings, is set to take a step back in time to take on a wild west theme. 

The city will be filled with wooden structures, with a dirt road crawling around the buildings instead of the tarmac that we’ve become accustomed to. 

It appears that Paradise Palms isn’t long for this world either, with players who have hopped into the game discovering clues that suggest the classic Moisty Mire location will make a return to the game at some point in Season X. 

The first major clue is the sign which sits outside Paradise Palms, with the background looking almost identical to the swamp which originally sat in the south-eastern corner of the map. 

The sign at Paradise Palms shows Moisty Mire in the background.

Trees have also been spotted sprouting out of the ground around the area, however these are not the palm trees that we see elsewhere in the desert biome, but rather they are made of the darker wood of the forest that sat in the marshy wasteland. 

One of the Moisty Mire trees have appeared near Paradise Palms. Credit: Epic Games

When these changes will be made remains unclear, but with the files for Tilted already added to the game, and the hints appearing at Paradise Palms already, it seems like it won’t be long before we see more major changes to the map.

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