After announcing native keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One platform in September 2018, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be arriving in Fortnite next week!

Arguably one of the main drawbacks of console gaming is the inability to use the input method of your choice. Due to the design of thumbsticks it is inherently difficult to simulate the aiming capabilities that are possible when using a mouse.

Fortunately, after what feels like a lifetime of begging – Microsoft has once again stepped up to the plate to deliver what many players are asking for; native keyboard and mouse support!

Announced in September of 2018, Xbox will be supporting keyboard and mouse as a native input method in select titles. This is not the same as other simulated methods which are seen in Fortnite on PlayStation 4 or obtained using 3rd party hardware such as a CronusMax Plus or XIM4.

Microsoft has also teamed with Razer to introduce a Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse which is compatible with the Xbox One console.

Today, Microsoft has announced that Fortnite will be among the first batch of titles to receive support on November 14th, 2018.

Worry not! Xbox has equipped developers with the tools necessary to separate keyboard and mouse players into their own matchmaking pools if they choose to do so. Matches will continue to be fair and balanced in Fortnite, it’s simply your choice which input method you’d like to use.

Hopefully Sony follows in Microsoft’s footsteps and allows PlayStation 4 players native keyboard and mouse support as the current simulated implementation just isn’t the same.

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