Ali ‘Myth’ Kabanni first became famous in Fortnite for his insane building skills during the first few seasons of the game.

“The Young Architect”, as he was known back then, was doing things with builds and edits that other players hadn’t even thought of.


As the game grew, other players started coming up with insane strategies and Myth was no longer the best builder on the planet.

Those other builders were brought along with the addition of Turbo Build, a way to vastly improve how quickly people could make structures.

The insane edits and builds we saw on display at the Fortnite World Cup were all thanks to Turbo Build. Today, for some reason, Epic decided to remove the feature.

The Young Architect wasn’t happy about it, and that was true for the rest of the competitive Fortnite community as well.

This tweet went super-viral and is the same reaction the Fortnite community is having towards this change. This just doesn’t make a ton of sense, building is the aspect of Fortnite that makes it stand out from so many other games and nerfing it into the ground is a tough look.

It is now faster to build by clicking for each individual build than it is to use turbo build, here’s Myth demonstrating the future of building in Fortnite.

This is the future of Fortnite. Epic has decided that the casual community is more important than the competitive one and the continued lack of support for competitive is driving many people crazy.

Until Epic does the simple solution of splitting the two playlists to try to make both groups happy, it appears that casual will always take precedence over competitive.

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