Friday Fortnite seems to have invigorated the community tournament scene around the game.

KEEMSTAR’s return of Friday Fortnite brought in over ten million unique viewers, and now other personalities are looking for unique tournaments of their own.

The best proposal so far comes from Myth. The TSM pro – who just had a Chipotle burrito named after him – is proposing a couples tournament with the biggest streamers and their partners.

Now if you’ll notice, one of those pairings is not like the others. While half of those are married couples and most of the others are in relationships, Myth paired himself with Pokimane who is definitely not dating him.

He quickly changed the title of the event from a couples tournament, to a “ships” tournament making it clear they aren’t actually dating.

Still, his is the only pairing in there that doesn’t actually have a relationship attached so it feels like this whole tournament was just an elaborate way to shoot his shot.

He went on to add 100 Thieves’ Valkyrae and she proceeded to roast him as they played on stream together morning.

Personally, I’ve got my money on Poach and Electra, but with so many wild cards in this tournament who knows how it would turn out?

It would definitely be fun to watch though. The format could be the same as Friday Fortnite, which has proved to be a very viewer-friendly way to watch competitive Fortnite.

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