Update: We have new footage of the lasers connecting with the Loot Lake Runes. The sounds and visuals are truly jaw-dropping.

Here’s the new footage captured from in-game, using the Playground gamemode with most HUD details off.

The goal is to possibly connect all three of the lasers to Loot Lakes at the same time. This may be achieved by players hitting the lasers with pickaxes in the around the same ratio. Only the green laser has been connected so far.

New Rune lasers have appeared throughout the Fortnite map and are projecting beams of light towards Loot Lake. What are these strange objects doing in Fortnite?

The mystery of Loot Lake’s vault just seems to get deeper and deeper everyday. Epic Games has added all new ‘lasers’ throughout the Fortnite map which project beams of light.

What are these strange new objects and why have they arrived now? Could the opening of the vault being closer than we think?

Lasers Appear Throughout Fortnite Map

These lasers project beams of colored light in different directions. The lasers sit on Runes on top of high up locations.

The current ones can be found on the Volcano, north of Pleasant Park on a mountain, and south of Shift Shafts.

You can see images of them here, courtesy of @LootLakeBR. We will provide additional images and videos in due time.

It is extremely important to note that the lasers change direction while you are in-game. This may be part of some world-wide event going on for Fortnite.

The Rune floating above Loot Lake also has a color emitting from the top of it. The color on top of Loot Lake changes relative from which laser you are currently at it from. For example, if you look at Loot Lake from the Volcano, you will see a green light emitting from it.

The light on Loot Lake appears white when you stand by the white laser

Here are the colors for the lasers:

  • Volcano Laser: Green
  • Pleasant Park Laser: White
  • Shifty Shafts: Red

All of the lasers can be ‘damaged’ by hitting them with a pickaxe for 50 shield damage per hit. When the lasers get close to hitting the center of Loot Lake, they begin to emit a much brighter light beam. Their sound effects also significantly intensify as the beam closes in on Loot Lake.

The sounds of the laser connecting and disconnecting from the Loot Lake rune can be heard throughout the whole map. It sounds like thunder claps and energy drains.

It is not known yet if player actions change the directions of the beams or how they would.

Potentially, the lasers may align and unlock the Runes at the Vault by having enough players discover and hit them at the same time.

As the beams gets closer to the Rune at Loot Lake, it curves and attaches to the Rune. The Rune begins glowing, perhaps all three of the beams have to be connected to unlock the Vault part-way?

We will update this post as we find out more about these mysterious beams of light.

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  1. So, where is the actual rune? Loot Lake? How do we get the lasers to line up? And has anyone tried activating all three at once?


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