Season 6 is rapidly approaching and the in-game Cube event is currently happening in full-force. It appears one Redditor has come across another seeming Cube effect / Season 6 teaser.

According to Redditor /u/Cryax_Attacks, swapping an Item in the player’s inventory for an Item which is floating on the water will trigger this Cube-like effect. When this event occurs a small purple explosion can be seen and audio similar to that which the Cube plays can be heard.

We know that the Cube’s final position will be at Loot Lake, where it will then activate and become “Corrupted”. Patch v5.40 included assets which pointed to Volcanoes and Lava Pits being brought to the map by the Cube, some player’s have speculated that perhaps Loot Lake will be corrupted as the Cube and Brite Bomber are, turning it into a Lava Lake.

What do you think, is this the beginning of the end?