The new ‘Food Fight’ Limited Time Mode will be receiving a few changes.

After being added to Fortnite in the V6.30 update on November 14, the Food Fight LTM features two teams – Tomato Heads and Beef Bosses – fighting against one another.

However, on November 15, it was announced on Reddit by Epic Games that some adjustments will be implemented to the mode after various forms of community feedback.

Mascot health, Mounted Turret drop rate, and more in-game aspects have been addressed to add more balance the game.

You can full the full Reddit post below.

Food Fight LTM Adjustments – Reddit

“Hey Beef Bosses and Tomato Heads,

We’ve made some changes to the Food Fight LTM.

  • Mascot health decreased from 200k to 100k
  • Decreased Mounted Turret drop rate by 50%
  • Added the timer of Storm 4 to Storm 3.
  • This means there will only be 3 total Storm Circles.
  • Reduced the “Auto Mascot Damage” by 40%

Auto Mascot damage is applied to each teams Mascot at set intervals so that matches will auto resolve within a set time frame if neither team is able to destroy the enemies Mascot. Auto Mascot damage starts ticking 5 minutes after Storm Circle 2.

Drop in and let us know what you think!”

More to come.

More information on the V6.30 patch can be found right here.

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