A slew of changes to sensitivity will be coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale in the upcoming v7.20 patch.

On Monday, January 14, Sean Hamilton of Epic Games took to Twitter to provide a short snippet of the v7.20 patch notes.

The portion of the patch notes included various adjustments to in-game sensitivity options, which has been a topic of debate between community members.

You can view the original Tweet below.

“From v7.20 Patch Notes:
1) Building sensitivity change also applies to edit mode

2) Separate targeting, scope, and gamepad building sensitivity settings are now shared between StW and BR

3) Sensitivity settings allow for more granular adjustments”

This change will likely be highly praised by console players, who have been questioning when an adjustment to sensitivity will be added.

At the time of writing, the exact release date for the v7.20 update is unknown.

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Writer and reporter for Dexerto.com and FortniteINTEL.com.


  1. Listen guys. All news is is news. Got me ? You think there’s a site out there has a plug with epic ? Nah. And this site searches everyone’s crap for us. Thank you FNI. Keep it up baby! LESS GOO


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