As tensions rise between the Durr Burger and Uncle Pete’s Pizza food trucks, it seems Epic Games has bigger plans for the two food chains. Assets for a new Durr Burger in-game event have been discovered in the v6.31 update.

Nearly every Patch Epic Games tells a story about the rivalry between the Durr Burger and Uncle Pete’s Pizza restaurants. Many players never even realize this side storyline that goes on in-game.

The storyline includes satanic tomato rituals on Durr Burger employees, infesting the Durr Burger restaurant with bugs, and much more.

The full storyline and meaning are not known at this time, though it’s possible we could see it become much more prevalent in the near future.

Epic has made sure to remind players of the food chains’ presence through a Skins and LTMs such as Food Fight.

The food trucks continue to move throughout the map, visiting nearly every location you can imagine. They were last spotted prior to Patch v6.31 nearing Lazy Links.

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Assets for a new Hamburger (Durr Burger) in-game event have been discovered in the v6.31 files. Currently these are ambient noise files, meaning they don’t hold much significance and are intended to be background noise.

The purpose of these assets is not known at this time. It could be leading up to the Season 6 finale / Season 7 premiere, or it could be a rather small in-game event.

The seemingly cut Onesie Skin which features Durr Bugers can be found in the Season 6 Week 10 Loading Screen as well.

What are your thoughts on these happenings? Let us know and stay tuned for further information!

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