Slightly late to the party, Epic Games has jumped on the recent Moth fad by adding the Mothmando Skin to Fortnite. The creator of the Moth Meme doesn’t seem too pleased with this decision.

Redditor /u/No_Reason27 took to /r/LegalAdvice seeking opinions on whether or not he has the right to sue Epic Games for using his idea without explicit permission. The post has since been deleted, though Twitter bots had already archived the original post.

Hi, I’m the guy posted the original message photo of the moth, and I recently learned that Fortnite is making it into a character, and I was wondering if that was legal for them to do?
And, if so what should I do to get compensated or them take it down? I already emailed them and I’m waiting on a response.

The Mothmando skin and accompanied Lamp pickaxe are very obviously a homage to the Moth Meme which took the internet by storm in August of 2018.

However, nobody has been able to provide hard facts which state whether or not the Redditor has grounds for a lawsuit. It’s likely that this is a gray area in the law, though it’s unlikely the Redditor would win the case against Epic Games’ laywers.

via /u/No_Reason27

What are your thoughts on the recent trend of celebrities, artists, and now everyday people that are looking to sue Epic Games for their inspired in-game content?

Rapper 2 Milly recent announced his plans to sue Epic Games for their use of the Milly Rock dance, however many feel that this is simply an attempt to make monetary gain.

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