Every season brings great additions, but each has also brought at least one item of contention to the game.

Fortnite receives new items, weapons, and upgrades on a nearly weekly basis. This design strategy has its benefits, but can lead to cascading missteps without proper quality assurance testing before the items are released. Such situations spring up each season with the latest being the Season X B.R.U.T.E. mech.

As with real life mistakes, it’s good to look back on the game’s less savory moments and have a laugh. Many of these items may still be fresh on your minds, but we’d bet a few have already passed out of your memory.

Most hated Fortnite items from each Season

A recent FortniteBR subreddit post detailed the most controversial items added to Fortnite and split them into their release seasons. It’s quite interesting to see how many additions have caused uproar and ire from the community in spite of the game’s popularity.

Each Seasons Most Disliked Items from r/FortNiteBR

The image, created by RealNuttyCaramel, certainly shows a rather alarming trend at first glance. The starting seasons only have a few items of controversy and the list becomes larger as we progress into later releases. Keep in mind that a few of the items, like the Infantry Rifle, are listed due to how under-powered they were.

Fortnite’s alarming trend of increased complaints

We were so naive thinking they’d learned…

Of course, the double Pump was a massive issue in Season 2 and led to a fiery discussion across social media. Epic acted relatively quickly to stamp out the problem, however. Similar problems continued to crop up in later seasons with the shotgun delay (S5).

More serious problems began to appear with the introduction of the Guided Missile of Season 3. To us, this was one of the first times Epic added an item which truly unbalanced the gameplay experience. Don’t get us wrong, it wasn’t the B.R.U.T.E., but the GM felt unnecessarily under-tested and was soon removed.

Season 4 brought with it the Jetpack fiasco. We’re not totally sure why Epic decided the free movement would be well received after similar mechanics did serious damage to another…dutiful franchise.

We’d like to reiterate the scaling effect of controversial items. Season 5 through Season 9 contain more hated items with some truly ridiculous additions like the Stormwing, Infinity Blade, Quad Launcher, and more. Fortnite’s popularity reached its peaks around Season 3 and 4 after which Epic seems to have loosened up their design restrictions.

The Baller really shouldn’t have been around for two seasons…

Another interesting note is the inclusion of the Baller in both Season 8 and 9. It took Epic Games nearly two whole seasons to deal with this vehicle even though the majority of the competitive and casual communities wanted the vehicle significantly changed or removed. Again, it’s no B.R.U.T.E., but that slow reaction time should send alarm signals blaring throughout the fanbase. The Boom Bow also followed this same trend.

Season X admittedly only lists a single major complaint, but the B.R.U.T.E. overshadows any other possible problems in Season X. It’s hard for the community to focus on smaller issues of balance when they are getting blasted into oblivion by a missile wielding Metal Gear-esque monstrosity.

We love Fortnite and seeing this increasing scale of complaints make us fear for the game’s future. Epic needs to take decisive action in dealing with mistakes made rather than sticking to their guns. We understand game design can be a hard and grueling process, but it’s highly important to learn from your mistakes in order to craft a better future product.

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  1. Probably unpopular opinions up ahead, read with caution.
    The planes were not a problem by the time they vaulted it, for me they were never a problem.
    Ballers were easy to use and easy to deal with, balanced as it can be.
    Quad launcher was hard to find, hard to get ammo for and ate that ammo so fast.
    Boom bow was very strong but it was very rare so I didn’t see the problem, still don’t.
    Same goes for the balloons, why did people complain? Please explain.
    Proximity launcher is op on switch servers (I play on switch) but when on pc (playing with friend) it is so hard to hit. Just build to counter.
    Drum shotgun is worst shotgun but still okay for what it is. I don’t know why they complained.
    Same for burst smg, what is the problem here? Is it because it is weak?
    I didn’t play before season 5.
    Probably the only person in the world with the most unpopular opinion. Here we go:
    I DIDN’T MIND THE HUSKS/ZOMBIES/CUBE MONSTERS. They were fun to farm. I knew that they were annoying when they interfered with a fight, but it was funny to see some one get followed by a group of them and they were easy to kill with a grenade or clinger. I didn’t and still don’t have a problem with these cube monsters.
    (this will probably get a lot of hate comments, not just the last part of this post)

    • Drum shotgun is BS with aim assist which is why it is disliked.
      Burst smg is crazy OP if you can counter the recoil.

      So far from playing every season of Fortnite the only bad thing is the so called “pros” they just cry all the time because the game improves.

    • Spot on – I loved the monsters. It added a different element to the game. You can counter the Mech if you know what you’re doing and, after all, it’s just a video game. If people don’t like a particular weapon then don’t use it. I don’t get the hate aspect.

  2. Nowadays people are just under the influence of toxic streamers, who hate anything that kills them. Epic is just trying stuff new, don’t hate on them just because you can’t adapt to something new.

        • There not i’d rather self destruct them to make the game fair and trust me i’ve used them before and one a game using only 1 mech and me and my duo got 10 kills. That is not ok

        • No need for that. I dont see why calling me a bot for no reason is doing anything. Oh sorry im sure your the best player at the game playing since season 0, just shut up and do somthing usefull with yourself

          • I’m a bot yet mechs are weak. I can easily beat them this is just like the baller thing when people cried about them being so OP when they were not. The bad players will complain when things don’t go their way. A good player will change how they play to match the game as it evolves.

            Also a Season 0 player.

          • Those “good people” just cry about everything.
            If you have to whine about everything in a game because you believe it should be changed so you don’t have to change how you play and think it should stay one way for you is just plain silly.

            From the start Epic said they wanted there to be multiple ways to win matches and to not have a single OP method to win.

            Those “good people” want a single OP method to win.
            Removing all the fun things to make Building a required tactic to win goes against the idea of the game.

            With how it is built you can win without killing, building or hell even shooting. They all involve different playstyles and involve different levels of skill.

          • So everyone who is good at the game is a moaner and complains all the time. Yea sure alright then. I highly disagree with you. Putting all good players in a category. That is so stereotypical of you

          • You are the one who put those players in a category to begin with. That is so stereotypical of you,
            I only used the term you put forward as “good people”.

            Personally I think a good player is someone who is good at the game and is able to evolve their playstyle as the game evolves.

            Players who just cry when something changes are not good. They may be good a single point of the game but a finished game is a dead game. The sole reason Fortnite is staying popular is because it changes.

            This season has been the most fun for a while it seems when something fun comes out people cry till they ruin it or remove it. Mechs are easy to counter and add a little spice to the game without the fun of ballers or planes the game has gone back to being more 2 dimensional and just gets boring.

          • Wtf how am i stereotypical you literally just said that good people cry about everything. Mabye listen to yourself. Anyway the mechas are not ‘easy to counter’ im constantly get 3rs partyed mad get barraged by rockets that you cant build against. Im not somone that complains about somthing added the only thing i got properly annoyed at was siphon being removed which i got over. Its not like its a minority complaining its the majority of the community good bad old or new

          • You brought up the “good people” which is building a stereotype that all “good people can’t adapt to the game evolving and just cry about any changes that mean they would have to alter their play style.

            Being 3rd partied is a feature of multi-team games. It is a normal thing if I’m not 3rd partied in a fight it is abnormal.

            Rockets are slow and easy to dodge without even building. I tend to rush the mechs when they use rockets since it is normally enough time to ruin them. You can even move enemy mechs if you know how.

            The Plebs will jump on any wagon that their gods will put forward.
            That is expected but if you actually play the game and try to adapt you will find mechs are actually very weak. All it takes it a little practice. People complained about ballers being OP for ages yet they were easily beaten if you bothered to adapt to the game.

          • Bloody hell im playing the game every day trying to beat them and so is a large ammount of the community and most of them dont watch streamers if thats what your implying by gods all my freinds hate the things and they dont watch streamers. Persuming that all people who dislike something are being influenced by somone is absolutly wrong. Dodging the rockets are impossible . I know that 3rd parties are common but im on about mechs. You lot seem to think that negative opinions are all influenced by streamers and are stupid. I like them adding new things ballers planes etc but the mecha is too far. I had no problem with planes and ballers but if we are buying skins and giving them the most popular game in a long time the least they can do is give us a legit reason why they arent doing anything to the mechs

          • Maybe you need to go into creative and practice with mechs.

            There are a few tricks and now with the laser dodging rockets is even easier.

            Here is a hint. Dance nades to kick people out of the mech then take it to kill them or blow it.

            Just with everything it takes effort to adapt to new things and that can take time its taken me about a week to adapt to them so at this point mechs are as scary 1×1 tower player.
            I’m teaching some friends how to counter them atm and now they don’t see a problem with them but before they hated them.

            It is just something you get.

      • The community are the sheep that go along with everything the streamers do and say. The streamers only care about most kills in a match, and anything that hinders that in their mind is bad for the game. So then you have all these people (subs) blindly agreeing with them.

        The Mechs add a fear to the game that wasn’t present before, and when done right are easy to counter. That being said I still think they are way OP.

        • I agree but that dosent make up for the whole community. Its like saying the reddit people make up the community. The sheep are the minority mostly all probably kids who dont know any better

  3. fortnite community in a nutshell.. nerf a new item… vault the the item… epic vaults it.. now they want that back… example. double pump , baller , grapller ,drum gun( its bs now anyway).. guess what people will cry for next season…..

  4. its the overpowered pump that’s disliked, not the double pump. I think the infinity blade had potential IF it was NOT added to core gameplay


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