Fortnite player’s complaints of the BRUTE mechs in Season 10 might be relieved to hear that leaks suggest that the weaponized vehicles might finally be vaulted.

The tenth season of Fortnite Battle Royale opened with the introduction of BRUTEs, which are weaponized vehicles that are incredibly overpowered. Drivers within a BRUTE have the ability to virtually destroy anything that stands in their way due to a barrage of rockets and the ability to ground slam.

Players have begged Epic Games to vault the mechs, but it seems like Season 10’s storyline actually revolves around the BRUTEs and the potential involvement of The Visitor.

Thanks to the v10.40 update on September 25, leakers found evidence that might point towards the eventual vaulting of all BRUTE mechs in Fortnite.

FortTory posted a graphic showing a computer image of a BRUTE suit describing errors within the mech in an ancient language.

Players will be able to see three red skulls pointing towards the center chest piece, the middle, and bottom of the left arm potentially revealing a virus within the system.

The bottom of the graphic also shows a progress bar, which could potentially hint towards the destruction of all BRUTE mechs.

Fortnite’s general population have not enjoyed Season 10 mostly due to the addition of the BRUTEs, and Epic have defended their decision to keep them in-game by stating that they help lower the skill-gap.

Even with the community sending the #RemoveTheMech hashtag to spread viral across the entire globe, Epic still stood with their decision to keep them in Fortnite.

With Season 10 ending within the next couple of weeks, it seems like BRUTEs will finally be vaulted heading into Season 11.

Do you think more players will return to Fortnite once BRUTE mechs are sent down to the vault?

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