A further set of Fortnite cosmetics have been leaked ahead of the upcoming v10.40 patch update. 

Fortnite Season X is quickly drawing to a close as Epic Games appears to be wrapping up the season with yet another insane in-game event. The Dusty Depot rocket construction has finished and players are counting down the days until it launches. 

However, even though the celebratory season is almost wrapped up, that doesn’t mean that the developers have phoned it in and stopped with the updates, new cosmetics, and challenges. Oh no, in fact, following the leak of skins coming in the v10.40 patch, data miners have been able to get their hands on even more new items. 

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Thanks to ShiinaBR, @FunGamesLeaks & @MaxWinebach, we are now able to see that there will be Overtime Challenges to end Season 10.

Completing these challenges, and hitting a certain battle pass level, will give you some new looks – in the form of alternate Eternal Voyager, DJ Yonder, and Disco Sparkle Supreme skins.

That’s not all, though, as the trio of data miners were also able to reveal the new Samsung-exclusive skin that will replace iKONIK.

Called ‘Glow,’ the brand new skin appears to be pretty reflective and come decked out in gray with purple and blue tints. 

Aside from new skins, there will also be a new music pack, weapon wraps, and even some new backblings. 

These skins are all set to arrive with the v10.40 update, which is expected to drop on Thursday, September 26.

However, it’s unknown when some of them will be available in the item shop and just when the Overtime Challenges will go live. 

Anyone wanting to claim the Samsung Glow skin will have to own a Samsung device ranging from the new S10 phone to the S9 – or an A9 through Tab S6. This skin will be available, at some point, in the Galaxy Store after September 27 according to Samsung Italy.