Epic Games made an announcement on September 24 that changes to aim assist in Fortnite Battle Royale are headed with the v10.40 update.

A topic of discussion from the community has been over “left trigger spamming”, which is when controller players snap onto their targets quickly by aiming down sight and taking advantage of Fortnite’s aim assist.

It seems like the community’s concerns will be addressed with the v10.40 update as Epic published a blog post on September 24 explaining that improvements will be made for aim assist and sensitivity settings for controller players.

In Epic’s blog post they explain that “We have also removed the ability to use target snapping. With these new Aim Assist improvements, we no longer feel it is necessary”.

IMG: Epic Games

According to the new post, a change was made to the auto assist system where another player would draw away a player’s reticle, almost tricking the system. Epic implemented a new weighting algorithm that takes space, enemies, and environmental objects into consideration.

Player’s crosshairs will turn to a red color to indicate that bullet drop will not affect their shot, which will also be added in the v10.40 patch on September 25.