Orange Shirt Kid’s mother is looking for some Justice of her own.

The mother of Orange Shirt Kid, whose dance titled “Orange Justice” was available during Fortnite’s Season 4 Battle Pass, is now suing Epic Games for including the dance into the game according to Variety.

Epic Games held an event earlier last year called the Boogiedown contest that ran from March 30 to April 10.

The contest rules state contestants would not be specifically paid for their submissions which might make this lawsuit seem puzzling.

Although Orange Shirt Kid wasn’t included in the winners of the contest, Fortnite fans wouldn’t give up as they expressed their desire to see the dance in-game.

Epic Games obliged and added the dance to the free Battle Pass in Season 4, allowing all players to get their hands on the emote without having to purchase anything.

The lawsuit says Orange Shirt Kid was the victim of “extreme cyberbullying” and was forced to deactivate his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

The tweets of him expressing his excitement over the emote being added to the game have also been deleted.

This latest lawsuit comes from a string of lawsuits arguing Fortnite and Epic Games are profiting off the use of their dances and emotes in the game.

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