Fortnite fans are always looking to put a spin on the popular Battle Royale title with various ‘concepts.’

Fan-made concepts have been a core component of the Fortnite community ever since its launch, and have even had the chance to be included in the title by Epic Games.

‘Gun Game,’ a popular mode in various shooter games which features a player progressing through multiple weapon tiers while racking up kills.

While this mode has been theorized in the past, the nature of ‘Battle Royale’ games makes it difficult to pinpoint an exact ruleset that would be viable for such a Limited Time Mode.

However, Reddit user ‘-Praxis_’ devised a concept LTM named ‘All the Same’ which provides a spin on ‘Gun Game’ that could actually allow it to work in Fortnite.

Rather than the typical weapon progression following a kill, ‘All the Same’ would implement a system of guns changing every 45 seconds in a Solos match.

A ‘cooldown’ period would also be included in order to farm various materials and other necessities. Only a few items would be able to be found around the map, such as Shield Potions, Bandages, Med Kits, and more.

At the time of writing, ‘All the Same’ remains as a fan-made concept. It is unknown if Epic Games has any plans to implement such a mode into Fortnite.

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