Epic Games has taken to Twitter to announce an upcoming client patch for Fortnite which is set to address minor bugs introduced in v7.30.

The patch is schedule for Thursday, January 31st, 2019 at 7AM EST. There will be no downtime, though a client update is required.

While Epic Games has not announced exactly what bugs this update is set to fix, it’s likely related to the recent temporarily disablement of Fortnite’s Replay Mode.

Earlier in the day on January 30th, watching Replays in Replay Mode was temporarily disabled while Epic worked to address a bug causing the upcoming an unannounced (officially) Marshmello Concert to play.

We’ve disabled the ability to view replays while we investigate an issue.

All replays will still be saved during this time and watchable once this feature has been re-enabled.

The upcoming client patch is also expected to address the broken in-game ping counter which was tweaked to be more accurate in the v7.30 update.

Epic has since reverted the v7.30 changes, these changes may be re-implemented in January 31st’s client patch.

Hey folks,

We’ve seen some questions regarding lower ping levels (including 0) displayed in the UI as well as the Connection Timeout error being displayed, even while under good network conditions. We wanted to drop by and give a little bit of clarity around what’s going on here.

You may have seen the following line in the v7.30 Patch Notes:

Fixed an issue in the Net Debug UI that would cause it to show a ping value that was too high.

We discovered an issue with our current method of calculating ping that was causing displayed ping values to sometimes be higher than those the player was actually receiving.

This was creating instances where the ping values displayed weren’t indicative or representative of what the player was actually experiencing. In v7.30 we began testing a new method of calculating ping, which should display numbers with a more accurate value to the player’s connection to a server. Separately, we also added an indicator to the UI to display a “Connection Lost” notification when under poor network conditions.

However, we’ve seen your reports that the “Connection Lost” message is displaying even under good conditions, that some players are seeing pings values of 0, and that FPS can have a direct effect on the displayed ping value. Due to this, we’ve decided to temporarily revert these changes so we can polish out the remaining kinks before adding things back in.

Once we’re ready to add these changes back in, we’ll also provide a more technical and detailed blog on this new Ping Calculation method and how it works. We look forward to your questions and feedback once that blog is ready!

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